DIY 'Wifey' Tee

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

It's no secret- I love being a wife! 

One of my favorite bloggers, Mara, recently wore this 'adorable' Wifey sweater and I fell in love instantly. I just didn't want to buy it, so..... I made it (my own summery version, of course). 
Isn't she cute for real?? I love everything about her blog. You should probably check her out by clicking here.

I had this old Forever 21 tank lying around the house and it worked perfectly for what I was trying to achieve. 
All you need to re-create your own Wifey Tee are the following two items:
1.) Fabric Paint
2.) A summer tee 
I just used the fine tip of the paint bottle to write on the shirt. Once I finished writing it out, I went back through and widened the letters a bit.
And because I wanted to be a 'little' original, I added the year we were married at the end! 5 years this August!! Crazy..

You should try making your own 'wifey' tee! If you're not married you can make it say whatever you'd like. I thought maybe 'girlfriend' or 'bride' would be nice options. Let your imagination run!

Have a great day friends! I'll be back tomorrow with a cute summer outfit to share.  :)

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