DIY Love Michigan Tee (or other state!)

Friday, July 26, 2013

I am so excited about today's post! This has been 'in the works' for weeks now, and all of the ingredients finally came together for me to release it. Yay! I saw a REALLY similar shirt for sale in a small Grand Haven boutique about a month ago, only they wanted $30 bucks for it and well, I'm too cheap. So- I made it myself! And it actually turned out. :) I fell in love with the concept of this Love Michigan tee the moment I saw it. 

If there's one thing you should know about us Michiganders, it's this- we're oddly fond of our state (well, a good majority of us at least). We're kind of obsessed with it. There's just SO much cool stuff to do in Michigan year round. If you're in to beaches, hiking, biking, skiing, wine tasting, cider mills, exploring, etc.. then this is your place. Today I'm showing you how I created this little treasure. Read on: 
I knew I needed a good Michigan stencil so, by habit, I went to Google to search it out. I came across a cool website called Craft Cuts and ordered one there. The nice thing is- it's reusable! Next I printed out the L,O, and E letters I needed in Century Gothic, size 500 font- on regular printer paper.
Then I took my handy dandy X-acto knife and traced/cut out each letter, transferring it onto foam craft paper. *Thus, leaving you with nice foam stencils of each letter you need. ;)
Next I took my fabric paint and a small brush and started painting and transferring the paint onto the shirt. Note: you can't rush this process. It took me two days. Each letter will probably need to dry some before you start the next one as you don't want to smudge the wet paint. 
And that's it! Just make sure your letters are level as you trace them onto the shirt. I did two coats of fabric paint as I felt it looked better that way. **Another note: make sure you put a piece of cardboard inside the shirt so that the fabric paint doesn't seep through and make the shirt stick together. Learned that the hard way once. Ha.

Had to throw my boys in here... Love them. :) 
One last note: I think you could do this with almost any state if you get creative! For example: the state of California is already 'somewhat' in the shape of an L. So you could essentially use that for the L in love. Just a thought. :) 
Items used:
  • Xacto knife 
  • T-shirt (I dug through my closet and found one) 
  • Fabric paint (two colors for contrast) 
  • Foam craft paper
  • A stencil of your home state 
  • Piece of cardboard 

That's all for me today! Happy Friday friends!
Wishing you a wonderful weekend-

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