Summer Vacation #2 - Hartwick Pines

Monday, August 19, 2013

Welcome to a new week, friends!
This weekend my entire family took a trip to northern Michigan to stay in a 'private', secluded cabin in Hartwick Pines State Park. It was heaven on earth. Look, I love technology as much as the next person, but let's be real- sometimes you just need a break! That was me this weekend- hiding from technology and loving it. If you follow via Instagram, then you saw this picture I shared real quick upon arrival:

Isn't it darling? No sounds of busy traffic, no sirens, and no crowds. Perfection!
Here are a few more snapshots from our weekend retreat-->
Ahh- arguably one of the best (and most 'authentic') 50's diners I've ever been to! Dawson & Stevens Classic 50's Diner was a serious treat and worth the short trip to downtown Grayling. My parents took us out to dinner here for our 5th wedding anniversary (coming up this week!) and let me tell you- it didn't disappoint! I ordered the Betty Boop, a Michigan cherry chicken salad sandwich with house-made kettle chips! For dessert- the best chocolate malt I've ever had. *That's saying something as I consider myself a bit of a malt snob. Wink. 
The diner also boasts of the largest Coca-Cola collection north of Bay City. All of the items were selected by hand (not online!). Coke is my #1 weakness, so as you can imagine- it was love. 
Walls and walls of Coke memorabilia. I can't wait to return to Dawson & Steven's someday!
Hartwick Pines State Park houses some of the oldest trees in Michigan! The welcome center and walking museum tour gave us such a beautiful glimpse at these towering trees that are literally hundreds of years old.
The chapel in H.P. State Park.
Playing with silhouettes inside the chapel.
Our cabin overlooked Bright Lake (pictured above). It was absolutely gorgeous. Ben got up at sunrise to capture the 'smoke on the water'. 
How cool is this picture?? ^^ I LOVE how the lily pads attach all the way to the floor of the lake. The water was so clear that you see all the way down. 
My boys in the canoe with me. :) Bear liked watching the turtles.

Have a great week, friends!

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