The Khardomah Lodge

Thursday, August 29, 2013

This past weekend Ben and I celebrated our 5th anniversary! For a quick little getaway, we decided to stay at the Khardomah Lodge in Grand Haven, Michigan. This rustic gem offers the oldest lodging accommodations in Grand Haven, dating back to 1873!! If you get into history (as I do) and anything vintage, you will LOVE this place. So much of it has been preserved in pristine condition. The large front porch is one of my favorite features.
The lodge is situated approximately 200 feet from Lake Michigan which is PERFECT for beach bums who also want a rustic stay. I adore the antique seating, lamps, etc. So serene. The front desk provides a small notebook where you can journal your stay and I definitely took a minute to do so. My favorite entry was from a young boy who scribbled on one of the pages- "It's creepy". haha... Totally 'not' creepy, I just thought that was hilarious.
^^Here's a sample of one of the family guest rooms.^^
Ben and I enjoyed reading various magazines from the lodge's collection. This TIME magazine dates back to the early 1900's.
A view down a hallway and a glance at one of the quaint bathrooms.
"Khardomah... My home away from Homa"
The lodge offers a community kitchen that all guests are free to use. We will be back here in the future with more friends/family members so that we can take advantage of this feature! Eating a homemade breakfast on the front porch sounds like heaven right now. :)
To end our night we took a long bike ride around town and down by the pier. Everything is stunning at sunset on the west coast of Michigan. 
Check out this awesome picture Ben snapped at dusk! The colors, the lights, the water... Ah! So perfect. Maybe this one needs to go in a frame at home.

I hope everyone is having a great week so far. Sorry my posts have been so sporadic! Sometimes it's hard to balance everything. This is one of those 'extra' crazy weeks. And I'm preparing and cleaning the house for the arrival of my in-laws this weekend, which we're really looking forward to. I think we might be taking a short road trip with them this Saturday so stay tuned for more details (and a blog post?) on that.
Thanks for reading!!

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