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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Well friends- Labor Day is over, kids are back in school, and we woke up to temps in the 50's here in the Mitten this morning. Surely, fall is upon us. It was such a bittersweet and nostalgic morning. My in laws left early this morning after we went out to Tim Horton's for a quick breakfast. As I drove home I passed school busses, children with backpacks, and suddenly it dawned on me- fall is here! Ready or not, it's here. I can't really complain, it's been a summer packed full of little adventures all around the state and I've thoroughly enjoyed myself. It's just hard to see the days shortened and the warmth leave. It's been so, so good! We had an incredible weekend enjoying the last moments of summer with family.
^This is the face of pure corn dog bliss, people^
Pronto Pups is a legend in Grand Haven, MI, and to my knowledge they were the only establishment in the state. I was wrong! There are TWO Pronto Pups in Michigan and we stumbled across the other stand on the pier in Tawas, MI. I was already full from breakfast earlier but did that matter? No sir. I binged on my Pronto Pup and life was good. If you're a Michigander or are considering a visit- eat a Pronto Pup. You'll be happy you did.
Such a pretty pier.
A trip to Tawas isn't complete without a tour of the Tawas Point lighthouse. This baby is a GEM and has been beautifully preserved throughout the years. The 85 step climb to the top of the lighthouse is a worthwhile adventure and offers spectacular views of the bay and Lake Huron! My grandpa still lives in Tawas so it kind of feels like a second home when I'm here. TONS of good memories and so many ways to enjoy the great outdoors. 
^Inside the lighthouse^
One of my favorite parts of the tour was checking out the lighthouse lens which was built in Paris in the mid 1800's and shipped all the way to Michigan just for this location. One side shines red out towards the bay area and the other shines white towards Lake Huron which can be seen about 16 miles off shore. 
Mustache lovers unite!
Behold- the early 1900's mustache cup. HA. I laughed so hard when I saw this. A mug with a built in mustache guard!? Why aren't we selling these today with the huge mustache craze going on?
Well, September is gearing up to be a jam-packed month for me (in a good way). Lots of cool fall fashion events coming up and even a trip to Indianapolis for the Influence Conference!!! Woohoo... So looking forward to that. If YOU would like to attend (and hang out with me), there's still time sign up! Head on over to the website and check it out.

Have a great (short) week friends and thank you for reading!

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