Fall Colors Tour- Part 1 // Deadman's Hill & Tunnel of Trees

Friday, October 18, 2013

Last Friday Ben and I embarked on an entire day's journey to tour Michigan's beautiful fall colors. 'Normally' we would take two or three days to conquer all of this, but alas, with scheduling demands, we had to make it an enjoyable day trip. Which leads me to this... Because we only had 'one' day, and because I have a bajillion pictures to share, you will be seeing this outfit yet again in a part two post of our tour. I've never worn the same outfit two posts in a row, but I'm over it. What can you do, right? BESIDES, the scenery is the whole point of a colors tour anyway. ;)

So let's just take this post one step at a time, shall we? Our first stop of the day- Deadman's Hill:
As the sign indicates, Deadman's Hill offers one of the most commanding and spectacular views of fall colors in the lower peninsula of Michigan. Surprisingly, this was my 'first' visit to Deadman's Hill. I can't even describe the beauty, so here you go--->
I've never seen such radiant color bursting from trees! It was one of those 'stop and ponder God's workmanship' moments. And I did. The contrast of the green pines and bright trees was just...amazing.
Sorry about the shadow(y) face. It's hard to eliminate shadows in the early afternoon sun.
Next stop- The Legg's Inn! *Cross Village, MI:
By the time we cut across to the west side of the state, we were super hungry and ready for lunch. Ben surprised me and took me to an authentic Polish restaurant that I've wanted to visit for years- The Legg's Inn. The 'lodge(y)' feel of this place is priceless and the lighting, decor, and atmosphere are perfect! We snapped a few pictures of the interior but it was really dark and challenging to get a good shot. This should give you an idea:
Ben and I ended up eating out on the enclosed patio and we weren't complaining! The patio offered views of the gardens 'and' Lake Michigan! Score.
Refueled and ready to continue our journey! Next up- the famous 22 mile stretch of road known as the Tunnel of Trees:
And if you had any doubts, yes- it really is a tunnel...of trees. So cool.

Ben and I have made this drive once before and couldn't wait to do it again. All of the colors were peak when we arrived in northern Michigan, so it ended up being our best trip yet.
...And I was a little excited about it.
So was Bear. J/k. He probably saw a squirrel.
There are several scenic lookouts along the Tunnel of Trees and this was one of them.^
Isn't Lake Michigan gorgeous in the background?

Good Hart, MI is the itty bitty town smack-dab in the middle of the Tunnel of Trees. It's absolutely adorable and if you blink- you'll miss it. One of the three shops (pictured below) is an art gallery/shop and tea house. So yes, I helped myself to a nice, warm cup of peppermint tea. And it was lovely. 

Well, that wraps up part 1 of our fall colors tour! Stay tuned next week for part 2 and even 'more' northern beauty. 

Button Down Flannel: Thrifted
Fox Sweater: JcPenney
Jeans: Levi's
Necklace: Forever 21


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