Greetings October!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Let me begin by saying- I 'had' great intentions for this blog post. Actually, it was supposed to be up yesterday. I was all geared up to release this grand recap of the Influence Conference when.... I got sick. Like, icky sick. Early Sunday morning (4 or 5 am?) I woke up with a nasty stomach virus that hung on for a good two days. I'm still feeling the effects with a sensitive tummy, but thankfully, doing 'much' better! Ben has taken SUCH good care of me. Love him.

So, do I have the best mom or what? She brought me a bouquet of flowers, Vernors, Coke, Ritz Crackers, Milano cookies, and a card. What else do you need to get better, right?

Anyway, I'm hoping to have the full recap and some more pictures up by the end of this week. Things just seem to be flying at warp speed with no thought of waiting for me to catch up. Know what I mean? Sometimes I feel exhausted just looking at all of the blog posts from friends that I haven't read yet. I know that seems weird, but I LOVE reading everyone's posts and getting behind makes me sad. But alas, I am just going to chill and try to move at my own 'recovery' pace this week.

So, let's talk about October.

What are you looking forward to!? I have a running list, which I'm sharing with you today. This is hands down one of my favorite months here in Michigan. The colors get insane up here! It's absolutely gorgeous. Here's my line up:

Uncle John's is such a treasure. I've been to several cider mills and this one is by far the best! You can watch cider being made, eat a hot doughnut, and sample fresh, Michigan wines. I always make it a priority to visit the pumpkin patch, ride the hay wagon, and walk the apple orchards too. Ben and I are planning a day at Uncle John's soon, and when we do, you can be sure I'll share all about it!

Who doesn't love a good corn maze? We have a great corn maze really close to us. This is what the design looks like this year ^^
Pretty impressive, huh? Amazing what GPS can do.

Ben and I have taken this fall colors tour once before through the famous Tunnel of Trees that stretches 22 miles from Harbor Springs to Cross Village, MI. I'm hoping we get the chance to make the journey again this fall! It's one of the most beautiful drives I've ever taken.

What are YOU most looking forward to this season?

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