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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Where do I even begin? In a word- I'm thankful.

I have been so honored to get to know the small army of amazing women that comprise The Influence Network. No really. These gals are top notch and 'so' amazing! As most of you know, I won an entire giveaway trip to this year's Influence Conference in Indianapolis and was just a 'little' excited about it. In all reality, I had no idea what to expect. I just came with an open heart and mind, ready for God to do anything! -And He did.

The strategic breakout sessions and heartfelt talks left me with 'pages' of amazing notes, quotes, and practical ways to grow myself, and subsequently, my blog. I have WEEKS of mental unpacking to do folks. And I'm happy about it. I love the challenge set before me and can't wait to see what new things happen & evolve as a result of this conference.
^ Me with my new friend, Hope ^ We were twinsies for the day. Great minds??...

More new friends! These gals are awesome.

One of my favorite events of the whole conference- The Sole Hope shoe cutting party! Here we're cutting out denim pieces that will be sewn and crafted into shoes for children in Africa. Amazing. You will definitely be hearing more about Sole Hope in the future. 

In Summary...
Here are a few of my favorite conference takeaways:

* "Dont' underestimate God's ability to use you in whatever field or capacity you are currently in." 

* "God will not give me passions without a way to use them"

* "Do you own thing" 

* "The antidote to our restlessness is not necessarily another adventure or experience of lifetime, but a deep abiding in where we are now." 
Jeff Goins, Author

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  1. I love that I know exactly what you're feeling! How are we supposed to recap this past weekend in a short and readable blog post?! Haha love your quotes!


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