From Top Knot to Tousled in 10

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Top knot to tousled
I know, I know... We've all been bombarded with various tutorials on how to achieve the perfect top knot in 10 minutes or less. But what about transforming a top knot into perfectly tousled locks?

It's often been said that our best looking hair happens right before bed. Can you relate? I know I can! It makes no sense, but for some reason hair just looks amazing after it's been cooped up all day on the top of our heads and then brushed out again. I know this isn't 'always' true, but it sure happens a lot to me! -And today, I'll prove it. ;) There's just something about that slightly-worn hair that looks so smokin' hot.

Here are a few tools I used to create the look:
1.) 1 inch curling iron  2.) Style Sexy Hair - Spray Clay  3.) Psssst!- Dry Shampoo

1-2-3 hair
Step 1: Take it down. Yes, it will look crazy. Run a brush through it until it's smooth.

Step 2: Spritz your hair with a texturizing spray and run your fingers through to make sure it gets evenly distributed. **This is also the time to add some dry shampoo if your hair is looking a little greasy.

Step 3: Add a few random curls all over your head.
4-5 hair
Step 4: Twist a small section of hair (from the front) about halfway back on your head and secure with bobby pins. Do this for both sides.

Step 5: Use a small amount of hairspray to set the style and you're done! Bombshell hair in minutes. Embrace the messy, friends! I LOVE this hairstyle because sometimes it's hard for me to leave a top knot in all day due to the tension it creates- leaving me with a headache. It just feels so good to let the locks fly free!

I hope you all have an amazing Thanksgiving! I know I have 'so' much to be thankful for and I'm sure you do too. Let's reflect on that together.

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