The Wet Brush

Friday, September 19, 2014

Raise your hand if the thought of brushing through your hair after a shower gives you nightmares...

Now that my hair is long again, I'm fully (re)acquainted with the joys struggles of detangling. When you have medium/fine hair and 'tons' of it, the struggle is real, people. REAL. I was at my wits end when I heard about this little miracle brush through Cara from Maskcara blog.

The best part?- The Wet Brush is only $8.99! And no, just for the record, I'm not being paid to talk about this. I'm just obsessed. The past few days all my husband has heard is "I can't believe how good this brush works!" Wet hair, dry hair, curly hair, tangled hair... I've tried it all and get the same results each time- brushing with ease.
A few weeks ago I was even starting to notice some slight hair breakage near my scalp from brushing/tugging too hard. You can imagine my relief at finding this little wonder. And MOMS- tired of making your kids cry from brushing out the tangles? Buy one of these and those days are over my friend.

Do you own a Wet Brush? What are your thoughts?

This weekend Ben and I are planning on heading out to an apple festival in our hometown. Honestly, they had me at 'cider, doughnuts, and apples'. Not to mention there's a ferris wheel and other fun activities. I'm hoping this will help put me in a fall mood. :) Next Friday I'm SO EXCITED to be hosting a Benefit x Birchbox Beauty Bash at my house. In a nutshell- I won a box full of Benefit cosmetics to share with 5 friends. So naturally I'm going all out with decorations, cutesy treats, and hors d'oeuvres. I love a good party.

See you all back here soon- and happy brushing!

Get your wet brush  here, here, or here. ;)

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