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Friday, October 3, 2014

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This week, Ben and I discovered the BEST local pumpkin patch. I can't believe we just now found this place, it's awesome. They specialize in exotic pumpkins and gourds from all over the world! They have some native to Australia and Italy, just to name a few. They also sell decorative bi-color corn, straw bales, fall arrangements, and corn stalks. Oh yeah, and they have two sheep for sale- if you're in the market. ;)

One of the best things however, is the u-pick pumpkin patch! Pumpkins as far as the eye can see just waiting to be picked. Call it prolonged adolescence or whatever you want, but I've never outgrown the excitement and tradition of picking out my very own pumpkin. I grew up in an overly festive family so the holidays and seasonal changes are a big deal to me. And yes, I still watch all the Charlie Brown movies- Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Don't lie, you do too... And you're humming the theme song in your head right now.

So, I just scored this new maxi cardigan from Meijer! Wasn't expecting that. Here I am shopping for groceries when- bam- cardigan fixation ensues. I had to have it. I love the delicate lace lining along the bottom edge. And the boots!... oh the boots. This week I received 'happy mail' from Hush Puppies as they've recently released their new Stella Cordell bootie as a part of their fall Select Collection. Basically everything is gorgeous. You can see more HERE.

Have a 'great' weekend everyone! Get out there and have a fall adventure or two. ;) I'll see you back here on Monday.

Tee: Forever 21
Cardigan: Meijer
Jeans: c/o Madewell
Boots: c/o Hush Puppies  

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