Goodbye Winter

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I've never been so happy to say those words... GOODBYE WINTER. Peace, sayonara, adios, au revoir! I don't want to see you again ever for a long time. I kind of hibernate in the winter. No really- I turn into a house gnome or something. Netflix everything, reading, and obsessing over warm weather travel plans. I come alive in the spring time. Once the weather breaks and the sun starts shining again, I'm good. And can you believe that the first official day of spring is this Friday!?

All of that to say that I'm already making plans and can't wait to start traversing Michigan again. Weekend (or even day-trip) adventures are what we live for spring through fall. There are so many great festivals and other events around the state, the hard part is choosing which ones to attend! And OBVIOUSLY I'm so excited for July to get here so I can spend my lazy summer days drinking homemade sweet tea and cuddling with Mr. Squishy Bean. Oh the nicknames he'll get from his mommy... Poor child. ;)
Like I mentioned in the previous post, I'm having so much fun lately styling the phenomenon that is 'the bump'. In my naivety, I thought that dressing for pregnancy would just be a huge problem. I mean- there's a lot more going on in the midsection, people. But I was wrong! And the joy of what's happening in that belly makes it entirely worthwhile anyway. So fun. This cardigan from Ruche is the perfect spring-transitional piece and can be worn over 'anything' basic. I got it for Christmas and I love it!

I hope everyone's having a great week. Oh yeah- and Happy St. Pat's! Ben and I aren't doing anything too exciting tonight but maybe I'll eat a green dessert or something in the name of being pregnant festive. Wink..

Dress: Target Maternity
Cardigan: Ruche
Necklace: Gift from Mom
Earrings: Forever 21
Shades: Marc Jacobs
Booties: Target
Bracelet & Bag: Charming Charlie


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