I'm back- with a bump!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Oh HEY guys! I'm back- and this time with a little something extra. ;)

Ben and I are SOO excited to announce that our sweet baby BOY will be joining us in early July!! Actually, baby's due date is the 4th of July. Ha... little firecracker. What a miracle to be housing this new, sweet life inside me. I'm feeling really good these days as the first trimester is (thankfully) behind me. I'm feeling all kinds of kicks and movements and now Ben can feel baby moving too! So fun.

I feel like a bad little blogger, leaving you all hanging for so long. But I've felt like the past few months have been all about getting used to pregnancy and new life changes, so for me, it's been good to rest and refocus. It takes a lot out of you growing a tiny human! wink.
Now that I have a bump to style, I find that I'm really loving cardigans, kimonos, and other layer-able pieces to transition me from winter into spring. So flowy and nice.

SPEAKING of spring- we're almost there! These pictures were actually taken a few weeks ago, and since then, we've transitioned to weather in the 50's! It feels crazy warm compared to -10. If you follow along via Instagram, you know that we recently took a week-long vacation to Florida. It was wonderful. And as soon as we got home, the weather started to break! I can handle it. 
I'm 'really' hoping to return to blogging more regularly. That's the plan. But truth be told, my Mac is getting pretty old and I'm in dire need of a new one. So, in the meantime, I'm working with 'less-than-ideal' technology. Hopefully, we'll be able to get a new one soon!

This weekend Ben is taking me to see the new Cinderella movie!! (ok, more like I'm dragging him along. Ha.) But I'm so excited. And being the googly-eyed Downton Abbey fan that I am, I'm even more stoked because they're featuring several cast members from the show in the movie. Bonus.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Dress: Old Navy
Kimono: Marshalls
Boots: c/o Hush Puppies
Necklace: Gift from mom

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