Winston James / A Birth Story

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Ben and I welcomed our sweet Winston James into the world at 10:05 pm on July 10, 2015- all 9 pounds and 22 inches of him! And this mommy was never so happy to see him after entering my 42nd week of pregnancy. Whew.

The week he came was a crazy one for sure. And like all good stories, this one has some twists and bends along the way too.

I was initially scheduled to be induced for labor on Tuesday, July 7th as baby boy was quite content with mommy and despite our plans or efforts, wasn't budging one inch! I walked, exercised on the elliptical, practiced yoga... nothing. No contractions, no dilating, so we went forward with a scheduled induction against my better wishes. As Tuesday morning rolled around I became less and less sure of the decision to be induced that particular day. There are only a handful of moments in life where I can say I've almost audibly 'heard' God speaking to me, and this one was of them. All I knew was that I was not supposed to check in to the hospital just yet. So I called my doctor and asked if we could postpone things a bit and he agreed to bump it back three days to Friday. What difference would three days make?- I didn't know, but I was rolling with it.

Friday came and we checked in to the hospital by 11:00 am. I was so nervous and scared, not having a clue what to 'really' expect with induction and the whole labor and delivery process. Before we could get things rolling the doctor on call had to do a standard ultrasound to make sure that baby was looking good and in position. That's when things got interesting. Much to our surprise, baby had done a complete somersault and was now completely upright, or in doctor language- breech. Talk about throwing a monkey-wrench into my little world. Who ever thinks these things will 'actually' happen when you're playing the reel of your projected birth story in your mind? And just like that, we scheduled our c-section. I just have to pause here and say how oddly relieved I was at the thought of not having to go through labor- one of my greater fears in life. Anyway, the earliest opening they had in surgery was 8 pm later that evening, so we made the most of our day and went to the movies and hung out with my family. It proved to be a great help in taking my anxious mind off of things for a while.  
When we arrived back at the hospital and checked in at 8 we were told that two emergency c-sections bumped us back a bit, so we were finally going to be admitted for surgery at 10 pm. Because we were scheduled for the evening c-section, that meant that my 'favorite' doctor was going to be on call to deliver Winston! I was overjoyed-- victory #1. After the nurse started my iv (worst part of the whole experience) and I spoke with the anesthesiologist, I was ready to head down to the surgery room. It was so surreal thinking that within the hour, we'd finally be holding our son. Ben suited up in his blue hospital scrubs (which was pretty adorable), and we headed down to surgery. They made Ben wait out in the hall until my spinal anesthesia had been administered and then he came in and joined me. And just a side note for anyone anxious about a spinal block, let me put you at ease- it's 'no' big deal. I seriously hardly felt it, and I'm the biggest needle-hater you'll ever meet.
As Ben sat there holding my hand, talking to me, calming me, I couldn't help but think about how grateful I was that the day had finally come. God had brought us this far and He was going to see us through this whole thing. It's scary you know, surgery and everything. I've never been in major surgery before and oddly enough, in that sterile, scary operating room, I found peace. Not only peace but love. So much love for our new son that I thought my heart would burst. Before I knew it the doctor was asking Ben if he wanted to look over the sheet to see Winston for the first time, and right after that- the first cry. When I heard him it was like nothing I can even describe, but let me try- joy, peace, love, accomplishment. We did it! With God's help- we had brought our son into the world.
The moments that followed were a blur but I can remember watching Ben through my tears as he held Winston's little hand for the first time, talked to him, reassured him. Once the nurse had him all cleaned up and weighed/measured, she brought him over to me skin to skin, and 'that' was the moment I'll never forget- total peace. He went from crying and wiggling all about to total peace when they placed him on mommy. He knew me. Knew my smell, knew my voice. It was all over- my life had changed forever. And suddenly that sterile, cold hospital room became a place filled with the wonder and mystery of God's glory. He had allowed me to create life.
The real miracle is that I listened to God and waited until Friday to deliver. Just three days before I delivered, Winston had turned breech. What we didn't know until delivery is that he had turned breech to get oxygen because the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck and in a knot. Not only that, it was wrapped around his little elbow too. Had we induced labor on Tuesday, we could have put major stress on little Winston's body and really, who knows what else. God knew. And He had Winston in His care the whole time.

And to any mommies or mommies-to-be who might be reading this- don't fear a c-section if you find out that you need one. My experience was a total breeze and I would not be afraid of having another one. I healed remarkably fast and only took pain medication for two weeks. Also, working out up until delivery was a huge help to me in recovery and is something to consider if you're able. I was back to my pre-baby weight within a matter of weeks.

Here's our little sweet potato now. He'll be 10 weeks old this Friday!

Thanks for stopping by and reading, friends. I know this took 'forever' to post but I really wanted to put some thought into it and spend time reflecting on the beauty of that day. The Bee's Knees may look a bit different these days with Winston popping up frequently in my posts, but I hope you'll stay along for the ride! I'm excited about future outfit, recipe, travel, and life posts and can't wait to share more with you. I'm finding my new rhythm here with a baby and will work my hardest to post more frequently.

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