Bread & Wine Cooking Club // Part 3

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Last Monday was the 3rd installment of our gals Bread & Wine cooking club, based on the book 'Bread & Wine' by Shauna Niequist. And no, you didn't miss something- there was no 'part 2' post because I was unable to make last month's meeting. So this is the latest. ;)

I think I mentioned this in my last post, but the thing I look forward to MOST at cooking club is not the food, dessert, or even the wine... It's the laughter. I told Lindsay (our host) last week that I never laugh harder than when I'm with the cooking club gals. I'm not saying I never laugh, it's just that these women are hilarious. Maybe it's because we're all just a 'tiny' bit off-our-rockers-crazy with kids, owning our own businesses, etc. But whatever the case, I love these girls. They reassure me that I'm not crazy. They tell me their stories and I feel better. It's a beautiful, safe little community we're creating and I love it.

Our menu for the night:
-Magical white bean soup served with avocado, lime, cilatro, & cheese
-Corn bread
-Summer salad

So delicious! I loved the chili and all the toppings.

I haven't always had this kind of community so I'm extra grateful for the opportunity to share life with girls in my own town. And the beauty of it is that we're all from different situations and backgrounds. Some of us have lived all over the world, others have lived in Michigan our whole lives. I love the stories and culture that is brought to the table each time we meet. For example, my friend Tracy who lived in Hawaii for a season just informed us at our last meeting that if you want to lower the acidity in pineapple, just soak it (peeled & cored) in salt water for a while before you eat it. The salt will help neutralize the acidity. WHO KNEW? Thanks Tracy. ;)

If you're looking for ways to build solid relationships within your gal-pal community, I highly recommend starting a cooking club. You won't regret it!

I'll be back with you this Friday to share an 'amazing' beach wave product that I'm hooked on. I've searched for years to find the perfect beach spray and I finally found it.

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