Wednesday, May 18, 2016

You guys, I got a bike! 

Not just any bike, my dream bike. The one I've been eyeballing and dreaming about for 8 years.

Ben surprised the socks off me and gifted me this brand new Electra Townie 7D for Mother's Day. I cried, I squealed, it was awesome. To me this is not just a bike, it represents so many amazing adventures and memories ahead for my little family. Pulling Winston behind me in his bike trailer, cruising the beach this summer, riding to get ice cream, exploring Michigan trails, etc. Memories. Adventure. Exploration. I am one grateful girl

I had always put my bike dreams on the back burner for more important, immediate needs. And to paint a clear picture- my method of biking transit for the past 8 years has been a youth Huffy bike from the 90's. #classy

So allow me this moment- I have the best husband ever. I can't believe how sweet and thoughtful he is. I love him so, so much. And I never dreamed that I'd be cruising around on this dream machine for my first Mother's Day.

(Electra Townie 7D in Polar Blue)

This white basket was an addition I had to have! It easily snaps on & off and you can take it in to the store to grab a few items. OR- you can tote your 5 lb. yorkie-poo around in it like me. ;)

In other news- I finally found a pair of overalls that don't make me feel like Farmer Mel. It took years, but alas, here they are. I found them at Gap and I love them! I've been getting tons of compliments on them. I like how they're cropped and fitted on the bottom. I think that's what sets them apart from your grandpa's bib overalls.

Thanks for reading along, friends. I hope this week is treating you well! I've got a fun giveaway opportunity heading your way this Friday so be watching for that. 

Overalls: Gap (similar)
Bike tee: H&M
T-strap Sandals: American Eagle


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