Happy Girl Granola

Friday, May 20, 2016

Hey guys! Today I'm so excited to share an amazing Michigan company with you- Happy Girl Granola. I met Aly, the owner, a while back at an event and we hit it off immediately. I'm borderline obsessed with small businesses (especially from Michigan), so I knew this partnership was a perfect fit. Aly is a great gal with a passion for baking. Happy Girl Granola was born, rather organically, from the desire to create and share her passion with those around her! She ships her product all over the US now but her granola is handmade locally. Isn't that great?

Here are the granolas I sampled:
-Blueberry Lavender
-Cherry Almond
-Cinnamon Raisin
-Maple Walnut Chocolate

My favorite granola, hands down, was the maple walnut chocolate. I can't even. Every flavor is balanced perfectly and just crumbles in your mouth like real granola should. No over-chewing here, people. I hate it when granolas are too soft or 'break-a-tooth' hard. This is neither, just delicious.

My second favorite granola was probably the cherry almond. In Michigan, we literally eat cherries on everything- salads, desserts, pastries, etc. So naturally, I loved it! And yes, the cherries are from Michigan, too.

Ok, now here's the exciting part- You can WIN an entire Happy Girl Granola prize pack [pictured below] by entering through Instagram. Just click the image below to be directed to the giveaway.

Happy weekend!

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