Windmill Island

Thursday, May 12, 2016

On Tuesday Ben and I travelled to Holland to visit Windmill Island for the first time. Yes, the first time ever. It's weird that I've lived in Michigan my whole life and I've never been. Anyway, SO BEAUTIFUL. 

The island is famous for its tulips, yes, but also for the gigantic operational windmill that came here straight from the Netherlands in the 1960's. The 251 year old windmill, De Zwaan, is the only authentic, working dutch windmill in the US. And here's what's embarrassing- I didn't know 'any' of that! I knew the windmill was there but I was completely clueless about the history. And since I'm a nerd, this stuff excites me. The miller, Alisa Crawford, who processes grains inside the windmill, is the first Dutch-certified miller in the US. And she's a woman! #girlboss

Ben and I planned our trip months ago. And anytime you plan a trip that far in advance you have to consider the possibility of... RAIN. Yes, it rained almost the whole time we were there. In fact, the rain tried to ruin our adventure altogether but we didn't let it. We prevailed, and had a blast! *Even if we were a bit soggy when we got back to the car. If you look close, you can see the raindrops in some of these pictures.

Can you even believe the color variety in tulips? I think that's why they're one of my favorite flowers. Each one is so unique.

^ This necklace from Geo Supply Co. is perfect. I love it! It was a gift from my sister and brother-in-law for my first Mother's Day. Heart eyes.

My hair held up 'remarkably' well in spite of the rain. I did a twist around my crown and spun it back into a bun. And then applied a half a can of hairspray. ;)

More than anything it was just so awesome to get away for the day with Ben. He's such a champ and snapped pictures for me in the rain with a broken umbrella. What a man. Single gals- find yourself one of these. And if he won't sacrifice himself in the rain for you, then move on. ;)

Everything is so beautiful right now in Michigan, not just the tulips. Every blooming tree, shrub, etc. is open and gorgeous. Even my maple tree in our yard has sprouted leaves again. Such a welcome sight after winter! I love this time of year.

Lastly- If you're a Michigan blogger/photographer/influencer, I want to leave you with the invite below. It's for a meetup event here in Owosso hosted by Foster Coffee Co. We have an 'awesome' lineup of panelists & speakers. It's going to be a great time to connect and meet other bloggers and learn some tips, too! Join me.

Dress: JcPenney
Jean Jacket: Gap (similar)
Boots: Target
Necklace: Geo Supply Co.
Earrings: Lauren Conrad

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