Whole 30 Update / The First 10 Days

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Today I'm officially 16 days into Whole 30. It's amazing how fast it's gone, really. In a nutshell- I feel 'amazing'. The book says that it generally takes about two weeks to feel awesome and I'm well on my way. I feel at peace with my digestive system and it's so nice. No bloating, feelings of being 'over-full', or lethargy. I have lots of energy and I feel a general up-swing in my overall mood.

Moment of honesty- week one was pretty tough. The first 3-4 days specifically. I literally had NO energy and it was hard to get through the day, especially since I'm chasing a one year old. Whew. Also, pms. All the energy-sucking things at once! How did I survive? My suggestion is to try to take a nap if you're able. It helped me to lay down for a bit, even if Winston was running all around me. ;)

Once I got through the first week the rest was just self-control. I've told myself 'no' a lot. I've craved every sweet possible and one day Winston's mac-n-cheese looked so enticing that I almost caved. But I didn't. I've hung in there and continue to deny my body what it 'thinks' it needs. This may sound weird, but it feels REALLY good to tell my body no. Like, amazing. Every time I deny myself I think- "HA BODY, I'M WINNING... WUT." And every day it gets easier and easier.

Body Changes
Let's talk about body changes. Woah, the changes. The results will 'definitely' differ from one person to the next but after just one week I was noticing changes. My face looked thinner, tummy less bloated, etc. And now that I'm 16 days in?- clothes are fitting better or loose altogether and I'm getting back into jeans and shorts that I haven't worn in quite some time. 16 days, people. That's all I've done so far. 16 days of self-control pays off, big time. You can imagine how excited I am for day 30.

Work Outs
I'll be honest, until this week I was not even working out! This is a very busy season of life and I was finding it was hard to make time. This week I said "enough" and got my butt to the gym. It's amazing how much better I felt after the first workout. That day I had TONS of energy and really felt like I'd turned a corner. Also, I'm on day 16 now and the book states that this is generally a milestone day. So, hurray! I can tell you this- if you follow the Whole 30 plan diligently and also incorporate exercise- you won't believe the changes you'll feel and see!

Mood & Energy
Weight loss and body stuff is great, but honestly, the energy and feeling of being 'well' has been my favorite benefit of Whole 30 so far. I was feeling sluggish and tired all. the. time. Now I feel energized and joyful. And that's really saying something because selling our home and all the drama surrounding it has been altogether exhausting. I've found new strength to get me through this hard time. Strength that I desperately needed, for real. There have been moments I've wondered if I'm crazy- trying to grocery shop and meal plan for Whole 30 while selling a house and chasing a baby around. But dang, it's been so worth it.

I just wanted to give a brief update and let you all know how I'm doing. I didn't take any real 'before' pictures, but I'll try to put something together at the end of all this to show a before and after. I'm most grateful for the new self-control and strength I've found. Hebrews 12:1 says "Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us."
That's how I want to live. I don't want anything hindering me or slowing me down. I want to be able to say 'no' to sweets and other junk food that makes my body tired.

Have you tried Whole 30? Thinking about it? Let me know! I'd love to hear from you.

I'll be back with more updates soon.

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