A Great Summer

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

I'm typing this with a full tummy as we've just devoured a pile homemade pecan pancakes as a family. Ben took an additional day off work to extend the holiday weekend and get some things done around the house. It's so wonderful to have MY BOYS home with me one more day. I love feeding them homemade meals and spending time together. This weekend was so rich, friends. So rich. I found myself reminiscing over all of the wonderful moments from this summer. This has been one of my favorite summers to date. Winston was old enough to get out and do things with me, and even if it was just for a stroller ride, it was awesome! We spent a significant amount of time outdoors this year. And Michigan was HOT all summer. Like, really hot. I've loved it.

A few of my favorite summer highlights:
Visiting Lavender Hill Farm back in June
Farmer's Market days
Overnight trip to Detroit with Ben
Camping trip to Muskegon State Park for Winston's first birthday!
Strawberry Picking
Visiting our local waterpark
Anniversary getaway to South Haven
-Just to list a few. ;)

I'm so grateful for the vibrant seasons we enjoy here in Michigan and I always try to embrace each one when it comes. So here's to the fall season ahead and all of the fun memories that come with it!

This is what I'd call my 'everyday outfit'. I'm finding that I usually grab for basic patterns, stripes, and easy-to-style classics. I'm trying to steer my wardrobe in that direction. I've worn this dress 100 different ways and that's how I know it's a win!

Yesterday we spent the day out at my parent's farm and enjoyed a wide spread of BBQ-themed things. We partied like true Americans. ;) We went out to their garden and observed several large pumpkins that are almost ready to be picked! So exciting that Winston has his very own pumpkin patch to pick from.

What was one of your favorite summer memories? Have a great (short) work week, friends!

Dress: Target (Similar, here)
Sandals: Target (Exact, here. And on sale!)
Vest: Kohls
Necklace: H&M

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