Thursday, September 29, 2016

Here I go again with this duster. It's been one of the better wardrobe decisions I've made, honestly. I just keep wearing it in new ways! It's such a versatile and flattering color and I always get loads of compliments on it. This time I paired it with a gray bodysuit, skinnies, and some lace up flats. Ps- I'm in love with bodysuits. I know, I know- some of you have nightmares of the 90's, but for me, they're flattering 'and' practical. The stay tucked in and don't budge. I love it! The only time it becomes an issue is when you really have to pee. Hehe.

This week I've been 'closet purging' and really, it's shameful how much I've put in the 'goodbye' pile. I've been saying this for a while here, but I really am trying to slim down to a more classic wardrobe. I'm not saying goodbye to all the fun, just getting rid of a lot of trendy pieces and things that I won't wear again. It's been good for me. I love items that I can wear over and over in all sorts of ways. It's a fun challenge for me to shop my closet and try to put together a new look, like this one.

And here's an FYI for you local gals- I'll be hosting a ginormous closet sale next spring at my home and there will be everything from shoes, purses, pants, tops, coats, etc. More details to come on that.

I love this dainty necklace from Happiness Boutique. I can wear it with almost anything and I love the minimalist feel. So pretty.

House update: still on pins and needles over here. No final information to pass on just yet, but we're so hopeful that things will pan out today or tomorrow so keep up those prayers, please! :)

Don't forget that this weekend is Michigan's Buy Nearby weekend. You can win a $500 gift card by tagging your social pictures (October 1 & 2) with the #ibuynearby hashtag while you're out shopping local! Get out there and support your hometown businesses!

Cheers to the 'almost' weekend ahead, friends!

Bodysuit: H&M
Duster Vest: H&M (Similar Here)
Skinnies: JcPenney
Lace up flats: Target (EXACT Here)
Necklace: c/o Happiness Boutique
Sunnies: Meijer

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