$20 Ottoman Makeover: Faux Fur Edition

Friday, February 17, 2017

I am always on the lookout for the 'ugly' furniture. It's true. I'm the one hauling crap out of Goodwill that most people passed over 100 times. But maybe there's some quality that's calling out to me to be redeemed. Get me? Anyone else do this? Meet Exhibit A: this ugly, junky, downcast ottoman. Most people were 'normal' and walked right by it, but all I could see were those LEGS. Our home is mid-century through and through and I knew I had a place for those legs somewhere. ;)

I'd been wanting a faux fur ottoman for our new home but I'm too cheap to pay what they want at most stores, SO- the crafting began. 

Here's the sad little ottoman before:

The price tag said $5.99 and I got it half off. Man, I thought I was getting a steal. Then I peeled off the Goodwill sticker and, no joke, there was a yard sale sticker on it for $1.00. #scammed

I did a little digging to find out how I could get faux fur material to stick to a nasty vinyl(ish?) surface. Enter E-6000: super glue's big sister. Works for practically anything. Bingo.

Listen, this was an easy project. Cake. But there's one dirty secret you should know before tackling anything with faux fur fabric. IT IS THE MESSIEST THING YOU WILL EVER WORK WITH. Period. The lady at the fabric counter at Joann's was like "Just so you know, this will shed a lot and be pretty messy." Pshh... Please. Messy? Understatement of the century. It was complete hairy chaos. I know she was laughing watching me walk out of the building. She knew what I was in for.

SO- don't say I didn't warn you. Was is worth it? Yep. Still a steal compared to buying one new, but there's always a little unknown 'blessing' in any DIY project.

So, literally all I did was cover that beast with the E-6000 glue and place the fabric over top. I obviously had to cut slits in the corners where the edges meet and get rid of a 'tiny' amount of corner fabric, but that's it. The glue did all the work. I did this while Winston napped and even had time to myself after that! Such a quick project but I just LOVE how it turned out.

Any home projects on your radar lately? I'm living in 'kitchen land' lately as we have a lot of work to do all the way from the floors to the countertops. It's a doozy. But the kitchen's redeeming quality is the original 50's soft-yellow tile. I'm re-working the entire kitchen to keep with the 50's feel. New stuff, just a fun retro vibe. Wish me luck! I just seem to buy homes that need kitchen help I guess.

Any weekend plans? We're pretty chill here and I don't mind that one bit. Girl's night was a blast this past Wednesday and I met my quota on laughing for a while. ;)

Have a great weekend, friends! The weather is supposed to be awesome here in Michigan so I'll probably be outdoors a lot. Winston and I miss our walks, bad!

Faux Fur Fabric: $12 (Joann's)
E-6000 Glue: $5 (Joann's)
Ottoman: $3 (Goodwill)

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