$20 Ottoman Makeover: Faux Fur Edition

Friday, February 17, 2017

I am always on the lookout for the 'ugly' furniture. It's true. I'm the one hauling crap out of Goodwill that most people passed over 100 times. But maybe there's some quality that's calling out to me to be redeemed. Get me? Anyone else do this? Meet Exhibit A: this ugly, junky, downcast ottoman. Most people were 'normal' and walked right by it, but all I could see were those LEGS. Our home is mid-century through and through and I knew I had a place for those legs somewhere. ;)

I'd been wanting a faux fur ottoman for our new home but I'm too cheap to pay what they want at most stores, SO- the crafting began. 

Here's the sad little ottoman before:

The price tag said $5.99 and I got it half off. Man, I thought I was getting a steal. Then I peeled off the Goodwill sticker and, no joke, there was a yard sale sticker on it for $1.00. #scammed

I did a little digging to find out how I could get faux fur material to stick to a nasty vinyl(ish?) surface. Enter E-6000: super glue's big sister. Works for practically anything. Bingo.

Listen, this was an easy project. Cake. But there's one dirty secret you should know before tackling anything with faux fur fabric. IT IS THE MESSIEST THING YOU WILL EVER WORK WITH. Period. The lady at the fabric counter at Joann's was like "Just so you know, this will shed a lot and be pretty messy." Pshh... Please. Messy? Understatement of the century. It was complete hairy chaos. I know she was laughing watching me walk out of the building. She knew what I was in for.

SO- don't say I didn't warn you. Was is worth it? Yep. Still a steal compared to buying one new, but there's always a little unknown 'blessing' in any DIY project.

So, literally all I did was cover that beast with the E-6000 glue and place the fabric over top. I obviously had to cut slits in the corners where the edges meet and get rid of a 'tiny' amount of corner fabric, but that's it. The glue did all the work. I did this while Winston napped and even had time to myself after that! Such a quick project but I just LOVE how it turned out.

Any home projects on your radar lately? I'm living in 'kitchen land' lately as we have a lot of work to do all the way from the floors to the countertops. It's a doozy. But the kitchen's redeeming quality is the original 50's soft-yellow tile. I'm re-working the entire kitchen to keep with the 50's feel. New stuff, just a fun retro vibe. Wish me luck! I just seem to buy homes that need kitchen help I guess.

Any weekend plans? We're pretty chill here and I don't mind that one bit. Girl's night was a blast this past Wednesday and I met my quota on laughing for a while. ;)

Have a great weekend, friends! The weather is supposed to be awesome here in Michigan so I'll probably be outdoors a lot. Winston and I miss our walks, bad!

Faux Fur Fabric: $12 (Joann's)
E-6000 Glue: $5 (Joann's)
Ottoman: $3 (Goodwill)

How to: Wearing Overalls in Winter

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Got overalls? Wear 'em, girl.

I've had these since spring of last year and I've worn them non-stop through every season since then. Through the fall and winter months I just wear a thin sweater underneath and a jacket over. Done! I like the edgy feel that the moto jacket brings to the ensemble.

I love my hair getting longer! It's so nice to be able to do fun things with it again. Braids are my go-to lately. Glad they're a thing right now.

Also, living in these boots from Everlane nonstop. They were one of the greatest Christmas gifts I ever received. Yay, Ben! SO worth the investment if you're looking for a good pair that will last forever. They're made in Italy and sold at a 'fraction' of the cost you'd pay at other large retailers.

I wore this outfit for our town's local Chocolate Walk. Such a great time and REALLY well attended. It's great to see so many people out and about in the winter time supporting local businesses. In fact, I think they sold out of chocolate boxes completely before the night was over. People are serious about their chocolate. ;)

On the walk, I got to visit our new(ish) yoga studio- Stretch. Man, what a great place. SO beautiful in there. I can't wait to take a class soon- maybe this Saturday. They offer an introductory class on Saturday mornings at 9 for just $5 bucks. Can't beat that!

Did everyone have a good Valentine's Day? Ben 'hand-curated' a box of chocolates for me from one of my favorite local spots- Apple Tree Lane. I'm savoring one a day when Winston goes down for a nap. Tonight is girl's night at my friend Lindsay's house. I always look forward to time out with the gals! Hope you're having a great week and I'll be back Friday with a fun DIY project.

Overalls: Gap (Similar Here. I like these!)
Boots: Everlane (same, here)
Moto Jacket: JcPenney (same, here. and on SALE)
Leopard Sweater: JcPenney
Earrings: Gap

Bell Sleeves

Monday, January 30, 2017

Hey guys! Happy Monday and welcome to a new week. It's freezing here (and snowing) again but I suffered through the cold & flurries (it's snow in my hair, not dandruff! Wink.) to get a few pictures of this pretty top. I just love the bell sleeves and florals! Also, I'm wearing my mom's old pants from years ago! Ha. She dug through her closet to purge and I snatched them. Love the color and 70's vibe 'and' they worked perfect with this outfit. I really need more of these one-and-done blouses. So easy to style and get out the door.

Well, it's the end of January and I'm going stir-crazy per usual. UGH. Anyone else? I miss my daily walks with Winston! We put some serious miles on that stroller last year. Now that we're settled in our new home I'm especially ready for springtime and exploring our new neighborhood and parks with my peanut.

In other news- I'm registering for another 5k! It's not until early June but I'm really excited for that. And goodness, I need something to keep me moving this winter (I just want to hibernate and nap). It's positive motivation for me to stay active. I MIGHT try a 10k this summer too, we'll see. Honestly, since having Winston I haven't done much to challenge myself physically and it's time. I mean, we're healthy eaters and I try to stay at the gym a few times a week, but I still have pounds to lose and I'm just not where I want to be yet. And that's ok, but it's time to start 'werk'ing it. ;)

Anyone else gearing up for a fitness challenge when the weather breaks? Also, any suggestions on good earbuds/headphones? I need some running jams.

Have a great week!

Top: c/o Birch & Elm
Pants: Old

In the Fog

Monday, January 23, 2017

This has been the weirdest winter I've experienced in Michigan in a long time. Before Christmas we had several feet of snow and it was a winter wonderland, now it's hangin' in the 40's everyday with fog? In January? Now is usually the time when I hibernate hard core and wear 20 layers. Nope, not this year. And I'm SO not complaining. It's nice to go places without freezing my fanny off.

You guys... these PANTS. It was like a miracle happened in the fitting room when I tried these on. In the past I've been a pretty boring pants person so when I saw these I had high hopes but figured I'd probably look like a clown in them. To my surprise, they're my dream pants. The pleated front, the wide legs... Ahh. Perfect.

I picked these up at a girl's night out event at Birch & Elm last Friday. I had a blast hanging with great gal pals and found several new items for the wardrobe.

If you follow on Instagram then you probably saw that Ben and I spent some time in Traverse City last week. We had a great time! We were there for a conference but had plenty of time to relax, too. We had dinner and coffee dates with friends and overall felt very 'refreshed'. I discovered a new pastry shop, Sweet Tartlett and it was amazing! Highly recommend if you're heading to Traverse any time soon. Also, we had dinner at Georgina's because we always do when we're there. Best dang cuban food anywhere!

Cheers to the week ahead! Let's make it good.

Bodysuit: H&M
Pants: Birch & Elm
Cardigan: Express (old)
Boots: Everlane (exact)

Nordic Thing + Life Updates

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

For crying out loud, it's time for an update. The end of the year hit with a giant BANG (good and bad) and I'm just trying to recuperate from weeks of crazy here. More on that in a minute, but first- the outfit. I'm still living in this faux fur vest and with several days in the TEENS, I need it. It's practical and so dang chic. Northern women know how to keep warm. Word? Who says nordic can't be a fashion thing?

These pictures were all taken by my sweet friend, Andrea who blogs over at Blonde Bedhead. Girl's got an eye for good photography and I wish I could just hire her to take my pictures all the time. It's so good to meet up with blogger friends occasionally and meet new ones too, like Ashley from Fit Mitten Kitchen! Had a great time hanging out with her and Andrea at Foster Coffee last month. Need more gal pal dates!

So, life updates...

We're in our new home! Today actually marks one whole month of being officially moved in! Praise Him. By way of reminder- we listed our last home in February of 2016 and it took until December 10th to sell and get moved in to our new home. The road getting here was LONG and hard, but now that we're settled, we can look back and say- it was worth it. God was so faithful along the way, and although it sort of felt like my year was hijacked by house showings, here we are. Still standing, and so grateful. I can't wait to release room makeovers and little house updates this year! How fun. Our home is a mid-century ranch and it's loaded with 50's goodness. It just needs new life breathed into it and I can't wait to do that!

In the midst of our gratefulness for a new home and the Christmas season, on December 21st, we lost my grandmother. It was terrible. We weren't ready to say goodbye and she was SO young at heart, but she went home to be with Jesus and is finally released from the pain and suffering she endured before passing. I just returned from her funeral in Florida two days ago and it was hard but beautiful. So beautiful to celebrate her life with family that I haven't seen in such a long time! Hearing all of the kind words shared made my heart happy and helped to grieve and say goodbye. One of my favorite parts of the ceremony was leading worship with my cousins. It was one of my grandma's favorite things to hear all of us cousins together playing music and it was 'especially' meaningful in that moment. Like heaven was touching earth.

So there it is. All the crazy.

I'm sincerely looking forward to this new year ahead and all the possibilities that lie therein. I'm starting a fast today with our church. It's going to be 40 days and I'm so excited because any time I fast like this, there's always HUGE breakthrough on the other side. My soul is better for it and I really need that right now. Wishing you all the best 2017!! 

Sweater turtleneck: H&M
Faux Fur Vest: c/o Tobi
Jeans: ANA, JcPenney
Boots: c/o Hush Puppies
Necklace: Birch & Elm
Bag: Meijer

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